Now that Torrents are gone- How to watch awesome TV shows online?

Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you all that watching your favourite TV show online is now easy with this website:

Enjoy watching your favourite series now!



Tech of Tesla

Tesla has more in common with the Macbook than you think.

Tech in short:

  1. Uses Lithium Ion Batteries.
  2. The combined weight of the Lithium ion cells weighs around 1000 pounds.
  3. It has a heating system allowing it to function in cold weather.


Charge and its story:

With one charge the Tesla can travel at a speed of 55 mph for 300 miles.

How to use MPlab X more efficiently

When you have a large project and you are trying to compile everything you will get tired and lost in finding the exact errors in your module or files.

And if you are using the Mplab X then you do not have to worry about it.

You can just select the file(s) that you have modified and just compile them to see that you can successfully build it.

I hope this post helped you save some time.

Now please spend this time looking for new information which might improve your productivity and efficiency.

Sometimes it is not what we do but, How we do it that matters.

Use of a pull up resistor

A pull up resistor is used to provide or source extra current when more than one slave device is connected to the master device.

For e.g. on I2C bus a master may have the capability to source current for one slave device, whereas multiple slaves can get connected on the bus. In this situation a pull up resistor is connected to provide the extra current required for the slave devices to operate.

Interesting facts about Facebook which i accidentally discovered today :) .

Hope you have logged in Facebook. Try the following :

  • Alt + 1 -> News Feed
  • Alt + 2 -> Your Profile
  • Alt +3 -> Invite Friends
  • Alt +4 -> Messages
  • Alt + 5 -> Your Notifications
  • Alt + 6 -> General Account settings
  • Alt + 7 -> Privacy Settings & tools
  • Alt + 8 -> Facebook page on Facebook ( Interesting 😀 )
  • Alt + 9 -> Facebook Terms & Policies
  • Alt + 0 -> Facebook Help Center